About Us

Our Purpose

Bloomsborough is an education consulting company located in Toronto, Canada. Our mandate is to provide bespoke consulting services to a diverse range of global clients including private individuals and public and private institutions. These services include assisting international students to study in Canada and to provide institutional advisory consulting to educational institutions, corporations, charities, and the not-for-profit sector. Additionally, we offer admissions support to students wishing to apply to law schools in the UK and Australia.

Our Vision

Bloomsborough offers three distinct service areas:

Education Consulting

Bloomsborough’s education consulting services assist in all areas of the journey to acceptance into a Canadian school. Our consultants can assist with selecting the best educational programs for the client, applying to Canadian schools, what to do once accepted, and how to effectively communicate with the school once enrolled.

Additionally, we help with securing accommodation prior to arrival in Canada and comprehensive tutoring support for all academic subjects. We also offer IELTS preparation courses and individual tutoring to prepare for the exam. Once the student arrives in Canada, they can take advantage of Bloomsborough Concierge which offers 24/7 support for any questions they might have about their schooling or living in Canada.

Institutional Consulting

We advise universities on successfully designing and implementing an internationalization strategy to foster international partnerships and opportunities, and to grow a strong international presence. This process involves creating a uniform approach to the institution’s international outreach initiatives. As part of this process, Bloomsborough will recommend best practices to promote the school at national and international events. To achieve this, Bloomsborough will advise on strategies to manage training and research partnerships with other institutions.

Furthermore, we will create an internationalization strategy that can manage training and research partnerships and outreach activities. Our consultants will represent the university at international events related to internationalization and international relations.


Bloomsborough is partnered with registered Canadian immigration consulting companies. Their immigration consultants assist with student visa applications and any other immigration needs the client might have for themselves and their family. They will select the best immigration option for the client.

Support for International Students in Canada

Our staff assist clients with every step of the journey beginning with applying to educational institutions in Canada, guiding them through the admissions process, and preparing them to travel to Canada once accepted by a school. Then, our in-house registered Canadian Immigration Consultants complete the necessary immigration applications. Bloomsborough also offers additional education support services including IELTS preparation, English language training, and tutoring support both in person and online, while the client is still in their home country and on an ongoing basis after they arrive in Canada.

An Individual Approach

Working with a full-service education consultant means that you will receive personalized support that is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Who We Are

Our firm’s members consist of industry leaders who come from diverse backgrounds including respected practicing lawyers, registered immigration consultants, social workers, leading academics, and experienced educators.


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